Collaborative Family Law is an alternative path for resolving many family law issues, including divorce, custody and modifications, without going to court. In a divorce, each party will be represented by separate attorneys and will sign an agreement disallowing any court intervention. Neutral financial and mental health professionals will work with both parties to assist with minimizing conflict and to assure that you are making fully-informed choices when settling your case. Collaborative Family Law offers families another option for settling your family law issues without the time and stress of courtroom litigation. While litigation may be necessary for some people, in many cases it is unnecessary and even counter-productive to the well-being of your family. While litigation means that parties work against each other to try and “win” cases, attorneys practicing collaborative law work in collaboration with each other to promote what is in the family’s best interest. Whatever your family law needs, the Collaborative Family Law method offers an amicable way to navigate the seemingly daunting issues that inevitably arise in divorce and custody cases. John, Kathleen and Amanda have all received the necessary certifications to competently and compassionately represent you in a Collaborative Law case.