In Travis and surrounding counties, you will be required to mediate your case before you can have a final trial. Mediation is a very successful process for settling family law cases. Sometimes it takes a neutral third party mediator to negotiate and settle conflict. Mediation offers parties a private and creative way to settle family law disputes. The mediator serves as an objective facilitator between the parties and their attorneys. Family law mediations usually occur with each party and his or her lawyer in a separate room and a mediator that goes between the rooms and facilitates settlement discussions. Family law mediations very rarely occur with the parties in the same room. Mediation usually lasts between 4-8 hours and usually results in an agreement. A Mediated Settlement Agreement is almost always binding and irrevocable once it is signed, which provides valuable closure for the clients. John and Kathleen are all certified in civil mediation as well as advanced family law mediation and can serve as the mediator for your case. We are skilled in assisting clients in settling cases in mediation to prevent expensive litigation and to give the clients control over their own families and money by settling rather than leaving the decision up to a judge.